Second Chances with Car Title Loans


When you are in a financial emergency, you need help getting back on your feet.

Sometimes referred to as a vehicle title loan or a pink slip loan, a Car Title Loan offers you the convenience of getting the cash you need without a lot of hassle. We don’t require the typical credit checks or ask for an excessive amount of personal information. Instead, we give you the opportunity to have a second chance with the minimum amount of inconvenience.


No Credit History Need with Car Title Loans

Even though traditional banks will require a credit history in order to give you a loan, it seems almost impossible to get a credit history without first having a credit history! If you are new to the financial market, we won’t hold that against you. We are more concerned about the value of your car and your ability to pay back the loan.


Bad Credit History

People sometimes have mistakes in their past that they would rather forget. United Car Title Loans won’t hold them against you. We know that you still might need to borrow money and often traditional banks won’t help you. That’s why we make it easy for you by considering factors other than credit score or history. We consider the value of the vehicle and check your employment status to be sure you can repay your loan. That’s all.


Bankruptcy Not Considered

Especially in the years after the mortgage industry mess, we understand that foreclosures on houses can lead to bankruptcy. Many honest people have been forced to file bankruptcy to protect themselves from foreclosure fees, and then their credit ratings are affected for many years. At United Car Title Loans, we give you an opportunity to pay back your car title loan without worrying about a past bankruptcy.


Short Employment History

Even if you are new at your current job, we think it’s really great that you have a new employer! Everyone has to start somewhere. We’ll allow you to borrow the money you need as long as you can meet the state requirements for verification of employment.


You Keep Your Car with Car Title Loans

Unlike some pawn loans, United Car Title Loans allows you to drive your car while you pay off your loan. That way, you can still get yourself back and forth to work while you make your payments and get back on your feet.


United Car Title Loans



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