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Wondering how to go about getting cash fast, when you have a credit rating that is less than perfect? Don’t have time to wait for a bank loan approval process? Don’t have a credit rating at all? No problem! Ventura car title loans offers the quickest, most convenient way to get money, even within 24 hours, using a car title as collateral.

Ventura car title loan

About Car Title Loans in Ventura


Car title loans are becoming a more popular way for people to get money loaned to them faster and easier than ever before. This type of loan uses the title of the car as collateral, while are customers are still able to drive their cars wherever they need to go. The loan is based upon the value of the car and ability to pay back the loan. The application process is straight forward and simple, the information required is very limited, and the turn around time is lightning fast.


Simple Application Process


Ventura car title loan easy application

While traditional bank loans may require a huge stack of paperwork and documents, getting a Ventura car title loan is easy and worry free. We only ask for the bare minimum of documentation, and only at after we have already agreed to loan the money. Our streamlined process for car title loan approval works to make our customers’ lives easier, getting them the money that they need without a lot of hassle.


First, our clients simply need to fill out a quick online form which gives us information about the vehicle, such as make, model, year. This determines the value of the vehicle and how much money can be made available in a car title loan. Once it is determined that our company is able to offer a car title loan, we will ask for a bit more information, such as income, driver’s license, and the car title, which can be faxed to us or dropped off in person.


No Credit Check


For a Ventura car title toan, no credit check is needed. We made decisions based upon the value of the car, current income, and ability to repay. We never judge our customers based on credit history. Bankruptcy, difficult credit history, and no credit history are all just fine. We want to get our customers the money they need as soon as they need it, and using Ventura car title loans is a quick and easy way. Plus, a car title loan will not be reflected on credit scores or credit history in any way, so if you are working to get your credit history cleared, this will not affect it.


Convenient Locations at Ventura Car Title Loans


At Ventura car title loan, we want to make getting cash as easy as possible. This means our customers may either stop by one of our convenient locations, or one of our friendly professional loan representatives will arrange a meeting at a convenient place such as the customer’s office or home. Our loan representative will bring some simple paperwork for signatures and we can typically give you a check for the agreed upon amount, often in under 30 minutes!


UCTL - United Car Title Loan Hummer

UCTL – United Car Title Loan Hummer

Affordable Payments and Terms


Making sure our customers can afford to make their payments is important to us. We tailor our car title loan details to the individual, making sure that payments are kept affordable and can be made on time. By valuing each car title loan based upon the worth of the car as well as the customer’s income, we ensure that paying back the loan is possible.



Our lenders make payments easy through automatic debits or other payment plans, and as long as our customers stay current on their payments, there is no problem. In fact, there is no penalty for early payoffs, so if you are able to pay early, that is encouraged. We make sure that our customers can communicate with us if they are having difficulty making their payments, so we can work to get back on track. In an effort to give our clients the best possible terms, we keep our interest rates competitive with the car title loan industry.

Ventura Car Title Loans is the place to go when you need the fastest, most reliable loans with the least amount of effort!

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