Frequently Asked Questions about Auto Title Loans

United Car Title Loans FAQ

-Do I qualify if I am currently in Bankruptcy?

Unfortunately, because of the nature of state and federal laws, if you are currently involved in a personal bankruptcy, we are not able to offer a loan to you at this point. However, when your bankruptcy is finished and you find yourself in need of a loan, we are thrilled to consider you as a client! If you are enrolled in consumer credit counseling we are not typically able to provide you with a car title loan. However, these considerations are made on a case by case basis. After you fill out our online form, you’ll be contacted by a representative who can give guidance about your specific situation.

-What if I can’t make a payment when it is due?

Contact us before the due date. Payments must be made by the due date in order to avoid loan complications. Our lenders make it easy for you to pay on time, every time. But late payments (or returned payments due to insufficient check funds) may add additional fees, so it’s best to stay current. If, for some reason, you find that you are not able to make your payment as scheduled, please contact us away to see if special arrangements are possible. We want you to have a successful loan repayment experience!

-What kind of car insurance do I need to have to get a vehicle title loan?

You must have prepaid car insurance which meets minimum state requirements, at the very least. If you need an alternative to prepaid insurance, we may be able to help–just give us a call.

-Do I need to have my original car title to get the loan?

Yes, you have to have your original car title. If you have lost it, duplicate copies can be ordered from your local DMV. It usually takes a couple of weeks for the DMV to mail you a new title.

-What if I already have a title loan or pawn on my automobile?

If you already have a title loan, we still might be able to benefit you! United Car Title Loans will be able to compete with pre-existing loans by offering you a better loan product and buying out your current title loan or pawn loan from another financial lender. You would need to be current on your payments to the other lender.

-After my loan is approved, when can I get my check?

Once your approval is processed, you will be given an amount for which your loan qualifies. If you agree, we can give you the check immediately!

-How much money can I get in a loan?

The value of your car and your ability to make payments will determine the amount the loan is for. This can range between $2,500 and $50,000.

-What can I use for proof of income?

You need to show proof that you are currently employed and / or have a source of income. Typically, we require that you make at least $1,500 per month in order to qualify for a car title loan. The easiest way to show this is through your most recent pay stubs or bank statements.

-What does my credit score need to be to get approved?

Nothing. Our company does not base loan determinations on your credit score. We make loan decisions based upon how much your car is worth and how much you can repay. Your credit score does not matter to us, whether you have good credit or no credit. Your loan with United Car Title Loans is also not reflected on your credit score. We simply need proof of identification, residence, and the car title.

-How quickly can I find out if I am approved for a car title loan?

Sometimes this can happen in less than an hour! Once you have finished the application steps on our website, a loan specialist will be in contact with you. That representative will answer any questions you might have and explain the loan process to you. Final approval will be given once your information can be verified and we are able to appraise your car.