How Car Title Loans Work?

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United Car Title Loans has made getting money for your auto title fast and easy! Our streamlined online process has created the simplest way to get the money you need without the hassle of going to the bank or waiting for weeks to see if you qualify.

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In just 3 simple steps we can have a check in your hands, possibly even today!

3 Step Process - United Car Title Loans


UCTL Step 1 — Apply by phone or on our Website

Just 2 minutes. Input information into our application form so that we know more about your car and you. This will help us determine how much money we can give you. Credit history has nothing to do with this decision. We give personal loans to people with less-than-perfect credit histories regularly. Past bankruptcy? Late payments? Over credit limits? We’re not here to judge you. We want to lend you the money you need!


UCTL Step 2 — Provide Simple Paperwork

We only need some simple documents in order to process your loan. A copy of your driver’s license, your car title, proof of income or employment, copy of your insurance, show us your car, and that’s just about it! If you can fax us the papers we need, United Car Title Loans will get to work on your loan right away.


UCTL Step 3 –Get your Money!

You can come to one of our convenient locations where our car title loan processor will be ready to assist you by taking a look at your vehicle and explaining the paperwork. In just around 25 minutes you can be out the door, check in hand!

If you can’t come to us, one of our professional loan associates will come to where you are. United Car Title Loans will do our very best to get you the money that you need in the easiest way possible.

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Borrowing Responsibility
You should first determine whether a loan transaction is your best option. If you do not feel that you will realistically be able to pay it back in a timely manner, understand that you may run the risk of incurring extra charges by allowing the contract to rollover, and further default remedies that may include repossession of your collateral.

We recommend that you do not engage in a loan transaction unless you fully understand and are comfortable with the loan terms and conditions. The typical finance charge is about 9.95% every 30-calendar days on the principle balance of the loan agreement. In addition, fee(s) may be charged to register a lien on the title and are only charged in the event that the lien is secured. Because of the high risk associated with short-term loans, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) can be as much as 119% and even higher. For California loans, our minimum loan amount is $2500. Below is an example of sample loan transactions. Our loans have no pre-payment penalty and encourage early repayment of the loan.



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